Food Safety

Nothing demonstrates our concern for quality in the orchard and packing plant more than FirstFruits Farms certification of Food Safety assurance in both the warehousing and growing under the SQF program. We are one of the first growers in the nation to receive the certification, including an independent audit of all farm, warehousing, and packaging operations by independent third party certifier NCSI Americas. 

We have implemented and maintained an SQF 1000/2000 level 3 certification since 2001. This means FirstFruits Farms has a verified and validated comprehensive food safety and quality plan

“We chose the SQF program because it helps us monitor the safety and quality of our fruit from seed to the consumer’s table,” Jorge Gomez says. “We were doing many of the right things already, but now we have it on record. Being involved in a formal program like SQF increases the awareness of our people. It’s been a great program for us mainly because we have established critical control points from the minute the orchard fruit comes onto our property until it leaves on a truck.” 

We understand that consumers are very concerned about where their products are grown, and so we chose SQF because it is the strictest, most stringent program of its kind in the world. It is the highest certification we can get. Our customers can feel comfortable and confident that our fruit is safe. We think that’s a big advantage.” 

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